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Possible ‘protective bubble’ in the UK universities (opinion to current situation)

Coronavirus made us change every aspect of our lives, including education system, despite online teaching  is being held now, most of current and future students are worrying about next semesters and even years as online learning is not considered as effective as in-class learning. Universities in the UK are considering the organization of ‘protective bubble’Continue reading “Possible ‘protective bubble’ in the UK universities (opinion to current situation)”

One of the oldest Cognac bottles sold for about $150,000 (opinion to this silly sale)

Money is an extraordinarily influential power when you have it, sometimes it just takes over you and you lost the control and when you have a considerably large amount of money; you will want to do what others cannot even though it might be so stupid and this news one life example of it.            Continue reading “One of the oldest Cognac bottles sold for about $150,000 (opinion to this silly sale)”

Uzbekistan is preparing a low-carbon development strategy

            During the pandemic, most countries are busy with dealing with mostly patients and finding the vaccine, so in order to forget these events at least for some time, let’s focus on a fresh tactic of Uzbekistan for making the life better with producing low-carbon energy.              The Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan started developingContinue reading “Uzbekistan is preparing a low-carbon development strategy”

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